Daniel Cook and his Radiators blew into GroundZero last night like an expectant wave crashes onto a welcoming beach.  Displaying a fine-tuned Country-Alt vibe, the boys in the band set the tone for the night from the very first note, filling the dance floor from the first tortured twang of the guitar.   Firmly ensconced somewhere between Blue Rodeo and Corb Lund, Daniel sprinkles in touches of folk, jazz, country and even funk, leaving the audience thoroughly satisfied yet craving more at the end of the night. His plaintive voice is well-suited for the music he plays, with the ability to growl when necessary or serenade the audience with a gentle tone. From a tender ballad to a full-on Country two-step, the boys in the band had the audience eating out of their hands.  Lead guitar player Norm Macpherson was particularly impressive, bending his 6 strings in a way that made it sound like he was playing slide.  Multi-instrumentalist Sam Torrance magically filled out the sound coming from the stage with his Lap-Steel and flute, and the rhythm section was as solid as it gets, with drummer Robert Cromwell and bassist Ryan Rock laying down a groove that was at sometimes funk-laden and heavy, but able to retreat back to a quite country accompaniment.  Obviously these five men are talented musicians individually, and when they join forces and play as one, magic is created.

Doug Pickard

Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge

We enjoyed the musicianship and the excellent jazz-funk-bluegrass-pop originals.

Patty Castle

Victoria Folk Music Society

Sensible country veined songwriting from Vancouver Island, some of the finest I have ever heard“

Longevity John

Duncan Showroom

I love your band!


singer-songwriter, poet

Daniel has a voice you can trust. A variety of serious, whimsical and humour filled songs, his lyrics paint a picture of a life worth living. Listening to his CD is like having a conversation with an old friend, inspiring, supportive and thought provoking.


Zine Magazine

Daniel Cook’s stellar guitar work, and his beautiful original song, ‘Love Me Baby’, only enhanced an already enchanting evening.

Sheila Pratt

Victoria Music Friends

Daniel Cook and his band are great! Superb guitar work all around. Daniel’s song-writing rips at the soul and tugs at the heart.

Michael Tymchuk

CBC Radio

Seldom do i hear a local songwriter that excites me so much – I attended this event last night and i was truly blown away – really catchy and enticing melodies and harmonies – I was particularly struck by his song, Famous, after that song was performed i could sense a distinct energy in the room – we all knew we had just heard something special – i strongly recommend attending one of his shows – add yourself to his fan page on Reverbnation to make sure you know when he is playing again – i am delighted to have discovered, for myself, a real musical gem! – Bravo – Bravo!

Mike Demers

Gig review